• Air, ground and water pollution
  • Increasing scarcity of drinkable water
  • Ground and raw material exhaustion
  • Forest disappearance

It is urgent to fight against this environmental disaster.

It is essential to support populations and help people in organizing the development of an ecological and sustainable management of resources, to guarantee their renewal and preservation. The environment management program empower and raise awareness among populations for an ecological and sustainable use of resources. It demonstrates to local authorities the viability of alternative and participative solutions, adapted to local contexts.

Priorities of GeTM regarding water and environment

  • Rational access and adapted use of scare resources, through adapted techniques (ground restoration, fight against erosion and desertification, supply of drinkable water provisions)
  • Fair repartition of resources between several marginalized groups
  • Development of agricultural techniques, non-intensive livestock farming and respect of the environment (agroecology, reintroduction of pastureland, etc.)
  • Training of stakeholders committed to a sustainable environment management
  • Participatory management of resources

A specific attention is put on water access, soil and seed. Indeed, they have to be considered as inalienable rights for every human being. GeTM supports projects in water supply field, management or preservation of natural resources, waste water and waste management. Beyond the immediate positive impacts of these projects, the improvement in these fields bring long-term effects on public health.