Access to education and training are essential factors to transform society and erase social disparity.

Education and training provide concrete tools for young people and adults to develop their skills and to take full responsability of their stakeholder role within society.

This way, it is essential to give education for groups that do not have access to it–or very little-, taking into account their cultural and organizational characteristics.

Training must be adapted to the context and local labour marketplace. Training must be easily accessible and based on methods that affected populations can appropriate without difficulty.

GeTM priorities regarding education and training 

  • To promote educational proposals to develop young people’s potential
  • To awaken sense of community and belonging
  • To develop active and participatory educational methods in the academic, professional or specialized education fields
  • Instructor training (community leaders, local government officers, heath officiers, teachers, farming association managers) to guarantee a responsible citizenship by increasing assets within the society
  • Initiatives to boost professional integration and employment access

GeTM supports training and educational process linked to practice and everyday life. By this way, GeTM looks for strengthening civil society.