Children are fully-fledged human beings, with rights and fundamental needs to their full development. They are growing and vulnerable individuals which require ongoing and specific protection.

It is essential for children and adolescents to grow up in peace and security, within a healthy living environment where they can develop their talents and thrive as active members of society. For that, GeTM supports specific projects for the promotion and defense of children’s rights.

GeTM priorities regarding children’s rights are:

  • Safety and protection, so they can grow up in an environment free from violence and abuse.
  • The fight against all forms of exploitation and exclusion.
  • The inclusion and restitution of rights, if they are violated.
  • Access to education and training to enable children to reach their full potential and develop their talents, in order to plan their future.
  • Active involvement in the community, allowing children to develop a positive attitude, their tolerance and their sense of citizenship.

GeTM supports associations, movements or organizations that strive to make visible issues related to child labor and to protect and uphold the rights of children and adolescents who work.

Moreover, it is about preventing migration of children and adolescents from rural communities to urban areas, or accompanying and providing better support to adolescents who migrate to town, so they can better protect themselves from possible abuses.