• Entreprises, territoires et développement (ETD) (Companies, territories and development) has been our partner since 2008. This association promotes activities of small and medium companies that transform agricultural products in Togo and in Benin. Its objective is to guarantee opportunities for small agricultural producers and to secure their income on a permanent basis. Develop sources of […]

  • The Research Group Action for Social and Economic Development (GRADSE) has collaborated with GeTM since 2001. This association provides technical, material and financial support to the farmers’ associations in the central region of Kara. The goal of the project is to consolidate truck farming through improving the productivity and production quality. Truck farming culture is […]

  • Cetramode has been our Togo partner since 2008.  People from this region face the disequilibrium between little agricultural land and the increasing population. Cetramode promotes livestock farming to diversify food sources and income and helps with veterinary interventions. The most disadvantaged region of the country The region of Savannah is situated in the far North […]

  • The Mission of Volunteers against poverty (MVCP) has been our partner in the central part of Togo since 2009. This is an association of a team of agronomist engineers who bring their technical competences to local farmers in order to help them get out of the insecurity situation. Supporting expelled population In the 1990s there […]

  • The Local Development Center (Cdel) has been our partner in Benin since 2006.  This association guides young people in their research for a job or in their will to start a company. It trains them well and brings them knowledge and financial support in order to give a chance to everyone to have a future, […]

  • The corporation « Penca of Sábila » was founded in 1987 to promote alternative environmental management. It defends sustainable development and fights for improving life quality in popular districts of Antioquia region. Medellin, between urbanization and rurality With the population of 3,8 million people, Medellin is the second biggest urban area in Colombia. It is also the […]

  • Endacol is a Colombian NGO that promotes sustainable development and contributes to improving the quality of life in popular urban sectors, mainly in Bogota. Endacol supports the inhabitants of the popular neighborhoods to put in place public politics to sustainably manage the environment. Popular Bogota neighborhoods : first victims of the environment deterioration. Bogota, the capital […]

  • Penca and Sabila Corporation in the city of Medelin and Endacol Association in the city of Bogota put in place a joint activity. Acknowledged but not yet a guarantee Even if UN recognized the right to access water as the fundamental right in 2010, it is far from being guaranteed in Colombia even though it […]

  • Vamos Mujer collaborates with several women’s associations in Antiquoia region. These women have to confront the consequences of the armed conflict daily. Vamos Mujer has been active for 30 years and it is looking for concrete alternatives to improve life conditions of women from popular rural and urban areas. The association wishes to recreate trust […]

  • Desco, the center for studying and promoting development, has been one of our partners in Peru since 2008. The association is getting together in order to reinforce the economy of disadvantaged sectors of the country. It has been doing it for 47 years. It is the leading institution of Peruvian society that is present all […]

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