As a matter of principle, GeTM does not send specialists from Switzerland but prefers to identify local talent.

GeTM thus collaborates with local organizations. Bolstered by its long experience, GeTM encourages its African and Latin American partners to work together to implement their projects.

Longevity, viability and sustainability

In concrete terms, GeTM regularly receives requests for funds from a large number of organizations. The GeTM team studies the project’s relevance, viability and sustainability. It then selects projects on the basis of the following criteria:

  • credibility and practicality of proposed projects
  • ability to bring in innovatations
  • impact
  • means and resources required
  • analysis of the socio-economic, political and geographical conditions
  • partner’s expertise and competence and quality of relationship
  • sustainability and viability of project after the financial aid ceases.

At the same time, the team tries to raise funds for the project’s execution.

Monitoring and assessment of projects

The GeTM team ensures that these projects are monitored by professionals. It is in constant touch with workers in the field. Partners are required to submit financial and progress reports at regular intervals as well as general reports outlining the results achieved to date. It is thus possible to see whether the actual results measure up to people’s expectations. Monitoring is a management function requiring a thorough knowledge of the changing situation and the critical phases of the projects under execution. It is thus possible to frame recommendations for activities to be undertaken in the following year and, if necessary, modify strategies that seem unsuitable.

This monitoring also includes at least one visit every year by each partner. These visits provide an opportunity to meet the beneficiaries of the project as well as others (government officials, experts and other actors) to get an unbiased opinion.

Financial controls

GeTM guarantees financial backers that their donations will be used fruitfully. For this purpose, the Association has laid down a rigorous system of financial checks for each project, particularly annual auditing of accounts by locally-based outside agencies and external appraisals every three years.

The accounts in Geneva are prepared in compliance with the SWISS GAP RPC21 norms and are audited annually by an external auditor.