Cetramode has been our Togo partner since 2008.  People from this region face the disequilibrium between little agricultural land and the increasing population. Cetramode promotes livestock farming to diversify food sources and income and helps with veterinary interventions.

The most disadvantaged region of the country

The region of Savannah is situated in the far North of the country and counts 828 000 people. Besides its geographical location, this is the most disadvantaged part of the country. In order to meet their needs, people live mainly from agriculture.

However, the harvest is hardly sufficient to survive. During some periods of the year, people have only one meal per day or every two days.

In fact, the level of techniques is weak, cultivated area determines production. It is difficult to extend cultivated lands because soil fertility is low, climate is variable and bush fires are frequent. Crop performance becomes lower every coming year and it makes food situation of the population that is already weak economically even weaker.

 Improve production

These actions will contribute to secure nutrition for a significant part of the population, 2800 people will benefit from it.

To increase cultivated territory and crop performance, farmers with receive the proper equipment. Such tools as wheelbarrows and shovels will be distributed. Draft animals will be used and getting fertilizers will be made easier. Training on fertilizers and producing compost will be provided as well.

In order to let farmers stock their production, storehouses with a capacity of 50 tons will be built. Agricultural fares will be put in place.

Supporting women

To reinforce the situation of the women, microcredits at very low interest rate will be provided. They will also get training on product transformation and agricultural techniques to introduce new nutrients such as tomatoes and onions.

At the same time, hutches, henhouses and pigsties will be built to support livestock farming.