The Mission of Volunteers against poverty (MVCP) has been our partner in the central part of Togo since 2009. This is an association of a team of agronomist engineers who bring their technical competences to local farmers in order to help them get out of the insecurity situation.

Supporting expelled population

In the 1990s there were social and political troubles in Togo. In order to flee from this instability, inhabitants of the Northern parts of the country settled in the vicinity of the Abdoulaye forest, in the Central region.  This zone was a protected area; therefore these people were expelled from the villages they had built in 2004.

This new forced moving deteriorated their life conditions that had been already regrettable.

This population was confronted with the absence of infrastructure and the deficiency of farmable lands and it found itself in the situation of extreme insecurity. The water shortage, the discouragement and illnesses were added to poverty and famine.

Master agricultural techniques to insure self-sufficiency and to generate revenue

These farmers do not have enough knowledge of the techniques and of the material and financial means to develop their agriculture and to get out of poverty.

GeTM has supported the MVCP activities to reinforce and improve their agricultural productions. Our partner shares its knowledge of mastering rice and corn techniques and initiates farmers into the growing of beans and soya. Technical support concerns organic fertilizers: MVCP successfully introduced le Mucuna plant that improves soil fertility.

Thus, before the arrival of MVCP, 89% of the families knew welding during annual periods of 2 to 5 months, and today this figure has been reduced to 5%. Recently, a path has been built to provide access to villages and soon warehouses will be constructed to store food.

Thanks to this project the income of farmers and their life conditions are being improved. What is more, it is based on sustainable agriculture and it respects the environment.