Endacol is a Colombian NGO that promotes sustainable development and contributes to improving the quality of life in popular urban sectors, mainly in Bogota.

Endacol supports the inhabitants of the popular neighborhoods to put in place public politics to sustainably manage the environment.

Popular Bogota neighborhoods : first victims of the environment deterioration.

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is not spared from the armed conflict that has shaken the country for more than 50 years. The arrival of thousands of people from other regions causes the lack of housing, social exclusion, unemployment, saturation of public services and deterioration of education quality; the first victims of such problems are the inhabitants of popular districts.

They are also the zones that are the most affected by environmental problems, such as water pollution, disappearance of lagoons, huge garbage generation, all three due to the rapid increase in population. Despite the adoption of public politics to resolve these problems, Bogota cannot currently satisfy the good quality of live to its inhabitants.

Support alternative methods of managing environment

In this city, that is indefinitely on the verge of implosion, Endacol works on reinforcing the community associations’ competences in the field of lobbying and political impact, so that they can propose and defend the alternative models of environmental management.

This reinforcement is done through accompanying associations in field and through providing training adapted to the needs and reality of inhabitants.

Thus, the training program of Endacol – School of Envrionmental Management (EGAC)- facilitates access to university education for the inhabitants of popular districts of Bogota, which allows the associations in the field and the academy to meet together, it also enables the reinforcement of the role of local leader and the young regarding the construction of their districts.

Guarantee the durability of the EGAC (School of Environmental Management) 

As far as the project is concerned, this place of encounter and of privileged exchanges between the academy and community associations through EGAC will be institutionalized by its introduction into the courses of the National University.

It will allow consolidating school as a place of reflection on the environment. It will be a means of reinforcing activities on the territory and a place of convergence for different players. There will be a mutual learning process: students, association leaders in the field will study theory and at the same time they will put it into practice by the same students.

In parallel, the project foresees to reinforce three community processes that are particularly relevant in the environmental context of the city: the association of recyclers Ecoalinza, the network of youth for Environment Reja and the aqueducts community organization Retaco.