The Local Development Center (Cdel) has been our partner in Benin since 2006.  This association guides young people in their research for a job or in their will to start a company. It trains them well and brings them knowledge and financial support in order to give a chance to everyone to have a future, even if the labor market is rather closed.


65% of the active population is unemployed


Cotonou is the economic capital of Benin. The city is growing fast and its population will exceed two million people in 2015. It is located between a sea and a lagoon and the cities that surround it, Abomey-Calavi and Sémé-Podji, are growing very fast as well. However, infrastructure and services to the population do not follow this development and are thus insufficient.


This main urban center of the country does not have a large choice of employment. The unemployment rate is more than 65%. The consequences of the low local productivity are hard on national economy (instable balance of trade, poor revenue..) and on employment (low level of qualification, job insecurity, etc..)


The lack of employment concerns young people in the first place. In fact, 53% of the 15-24 year olds are unemployed. Economic integration is particularly difficult for them, as they are confronted with the incompatibility between their qualifications and the job market.


Improve employment possibilities


The goal of the project is to improve the performance of economic actors to promote employment and let the beneficiaries have better life conditions.


The Cdel develops its activities with two types of population: the craftsmen and the youth who have not integrated the employment market.


The craftsmen are grouped according to their trade, which reinforces them by this structure. Cdel helps them become official and accompanies them in their need identification. After that, it puts appropriate solutions in place and training is financed together.


As far as the youth is concerned, Cde is a real support for them in their employment integration. It provides them with the means to improve their employment possibilities: training courses for job research, CV creation, orientation advice..etc. It also provides them with the opportunity to follow additional courses in computer science, accounting or company management. Finally, it can also support them financially.


At the same time, our partner accompanies villages in their reinforcement of capacities of mobilizing internal resources and of creating an environment favorable to the local economic development.