Entreprises, territoires et développement (ETD) (Companies, territories and development) has been our partner since 2008. This association promotes activities of small and medium companies that transform agricultural products in Togo and in Benin. Its objective is to guarantee opportunities for small agricultural producers and to secure their income on a permanent basis.

Develop sources of income to fight against food insecurity

Togo’s economy traditionally depends on primary industries. These industries represent 40% of the GDP and employs more than 60% of the active population. Agricultural production is mainly dependent on weather variations and is dominated by small farms. In general, very few of them are mechanized and it has mainly family workforce.

Production is weak, farmers’ capacities are limited and it is hard for them to satisfy their families’ vital needs.

In general, there is also a significant lack of equipment and lack of delivered basic services to the people (health, education, drinking water, hygiene services). The inhabitants are isolated as the infrastructure is almost inexistent: roads, administrative buildings…

Authorities and civil society agree that reducing poverty and fighting against food insecurity are to become a priority through reinforcing systems of producing, transforming and commercializing agricultural products.

Therefore this project’s actions aim at installing sustainable systems that could guarantee family farms access to stable and remunerative markets.

Two lines: promoting family agriculture and supporting local governance.

In order to let producers get out of the poverty spiral, ETD and producers put in place competitive agricultural systems of production, transformation and commercialization.

As a first step, they focus on improving agricultural farms’ productivity through diversifying products and techniques, and then increasing the quality of the transformed products sold on the market.

This added value will let the products better correspond to the expectations of the consumers. The production will be sold better and at a better price, letting farmers obtain benefits.

At the same time, ETD intervenes in the process of Togo decentralization. This part of the project promotes concentration and collaboration between civilians and local public authorities. This collaboration will let produce and manage goods and quality public services that are necessary to the people.