Many of the activities undertaken by GeTM would not have been possible without the participation of volunteers. As a matter of fact, GeTM is always on the lookout for people willing to work as volunteers in its head office or for fund-raising programmes.

Do you wish to contribute?

Depending on how much you are willing to contribute, we can suggest several possibilities. Send your application by e-mail to with your CV and a letter explaining your motivations and the amount you are prepared to contribute. We will then invite you for an interview and help you answer our questionnaire.

Supporting events

We always need a little extra help when we organize fund-raising events. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your help is always welcome!


Do you speak English, or perhaps German? We can use your talents to translate our communication material.

Collecting donations through events

You could organize events to raise funds like, for example, a sale of handicrafts, a cake-sale, a concert, a sports event, etc.

The more creativity, innovation and audacity you show, the better your chances of organizing the event successfully!

Whatever new ideas you may have, tell us about them and we will give you practical advice on how to go about executing them. We will also provide you with the required documentation, photographs, posters, etc. Depending on availability, a representative of GeTM will be present at the event.

Artists and graphic designers

Are you good at drawing or adept at handling software like Photoshop?  Do you have time to spare? Why not come and discuss your ideas with our Communications Officer?

Blogging/ social networking

If you have a blog, or if Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. are not alien to you, we can use your help to publicise our activities.

Talk about us to the people around you

You don’t have the time but would still like to do your bit to help us? Just talk about us to the people around you!

Just pass on information about the work we are doing to friends and acquaintances, distribute leaflets or ‘like’ our Facebook status – it may seem insignificant but can produce considerable results!