GetM is an association based in Geneva. Its General Body consists of around 400 individual and collective members.

The committee is elected by the members of the General Body. It is a forum for debate on the Association’s philosophy and policy.

The Secretariat: salaried workers and volunteers look after administrative duties, dissemination of information, monitoring and management of projects as well as fund-raising activities.


The Members of the Committee are:

Claudia Wyrsch, President

Henri Megroz, Vice-president

Matteo Cavadini

Robert Dupertuis

Dalia Pachecco

Delphine Stalder

Luiza Vasconcelos


The members of the Secretariat are:

Alejandro Mackinnon, Secretary-General, Coordination, Head of development project

Maria Adelaida Muñoz, Project Manager

Jean Mertens, Accountant


Temporary Employees :

Amélie Ardaya, Project Manager

Gabriela Py, Project Manager

Mattia Mahon, Project Manager