1983-2013: Thirty years of sharing

When the people of Geneva rejected the 26 September, 1982 initiative to allocate “0.7% for the creation of a cantonal development assistance fund”, a group of eminent citizens got together to set up a new association.

The basic idea was to get the people of Geneva together to familiarise them with the difficulties faced by people living in the most disadvantaged countries and initiate concrete projects to benefit the needy.

Though there were a number of organizations specialised in particular areas of development or interested in particular regions, Genève Tiers-Monde (GeTM ) was the first one to be set up in Geneva to deal with different kinds of problems in a wide variety of countries.

A new approach

The grounds for intervention are no longer determined by the prevailing situation, but the projects are meant to support local initiatives by enabling the groups concerned to finance themselves.
In its initial stages, GeTM supported a number of small projects all over the world. During the first ten years of its existence, 150 local projects were supported in three continents: Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Since the 1990s, however, the Association has opted for a more structured approach based on time-bound action. It has reorganized its activities by moving from selective and localized assistance to long-term assistance of a more strategic nature to avoid spreading itself too thinly and become more effective.