GeTM is a Swiss non-profit organization launched in 1983 which aims to support sustainable development projects in Africa and Latin America.

The NGO builds strong partnerships with local organizations to promote social and solidarity economy, the fair and sustainable participatory management of resources, food and energy sovereignty as well as gender equality.

Every year, GeTM supports a dozen projects in Benin, Togo, Peru and Colombia, reaching out an average of 70’000 beneficiaries.

The organization also conducts awareness campaigns to encourage cooperation.

Working together

GeTM’s does not wish to support large projects costing millions. It is not interested in devising projects that will be imposed from outside: it just wants to assist its partners who define their requirements themselves and draw up a suitable programme to fulfil them.

The Association acts at the ground level, helping people in their daily struggle for existence by providing not only financial aid but also support through the exchange of ideas and experiences and technical assistance.
These projects are thus partnerships between GeTM and its African and Latin American associates.  It is a continuous dialogue seeking to build links between the two.